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How to get to Flagler Beach

Flagler Beach is more connected than people think. With plenty of airports to choose from, and dozens of road connections, it’s easy to get to Flagler Beach from anywhere in Florida, the Contiguous United States, and Canada.

Florida Route A1A

Florida Route A1A links Downtown Flagler Beach to the east coast of Florida, and to Hammock Dunes. A1A is perfect for a drive along our beautiful beaches. Please note that if you are trying to get to A1A from Palm Coast that you will need to pay a $3.00 toll to cross the Hammock Dunes Bridge. SunPass is not accepted as a payment method on the Hammock Dunes Bridge. Florida Route A1A can be accessed from exits 373 and 289 for both northbound and southbound travelers on Interstate 95.

Florida Route 100

Florida Route 100 connects Flagler Beach to Palm Coast, Interstate 95, Bunnell, and the Florida-Georgia border. Route 100 also connects you to more shops, resturants and services you might need for your vacation. Florida Route 100 can be accessed from exit 284 for both southbound and northbound travelers on Interstate 95

Interstate 95

Interstate 95 connects Flagler Beach to not just the rest of Florida, but the entire Interstate Highway System, so you can get to Flagler Beach from anywhere across the United States and Canada. Flagler Beach can be accessed from exit 284 for northbound and southbound travelers.


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